.Germany kills England, Worldcup 2010
Jun 2010 29

Germany crush England in the worldcup 2010 semifinal qualification with 4-1, the game very fast and intense that i think any football fans will definitely love it. Both team attack with many variation that make the defender work harder. Though both Germany and English percentage of ball possessions and attacks are quite equal, it was easy to find out that German attacks are more effective, their counter attack easily penetrate England defense area which led by the famous John Terry. Almost forgot, there are some controversial referee decisions in this game and England suffered a lot, the first is a canceled goal because the referee didn’t see it coming, and the offside goal. England football fans would definitely angry about this, however, i got the opinion that Germany would still win anyway, it simply because England didn’t play effective enough. This is completely my subjective opinion, but to me, England players and Premier league is overated. Congratulation for Germany, goodluck for England next time.
Wondering, which team entering the final this year..

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